Keynote: How to NOT miss the big picture in new big data initiatives

Rooms 301 and 302 August 22, 2016 9:30 am - 10:05 am

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Prof. Jignesh Patel, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Prof. Jignesh Patel, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Nearly  every  sector  of  our  society  is  being  transformed  by  moving  towards  a  data­-driven  decision  making paradigm.  The  so  called  “big  data”  revolution  is  credited  with  starting  this  transformative  process.  The  last decade  has  seen  an  unprecedented  acceleration  in  the  creation  of  technologies,  platforms,  and  methods  to serve the needs of this ongoing big data revolution. However, there is a confusing set of choices to make when undertaking new transformative big data projects. Some examples of choices are: deciding if one should deploy a NoSQL database or a SQL database for the underlying data platform, picking a packaged cloud product v/s rolling your own, and picking the “right” development stack. In this talk, I will describe some common patterns of mistakes  in  approaching  these  issues  for  big  data  initiatives,  and  end  with  some  pointers  on  how  to  wade through the technology mess to improve the chances of a successful new big data initiative.

This talk should be of interest to both business leaders who want to figure out how to approach and manage a new big data initiative, and to developers who have to actually develop components for a big data project.