Decoupling Decisions with Apache Kafka

Rooms 301 and 302 August 22, 2016 12:45 pm - 1:15 pm

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Grant Henke, Cloudera

Grant Henke, Cloudera

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Whether you are developing a greenfield data project or migrating a legacy system,
there are many critical design decisions to be made. Often, it is advantageous to not only
consider immediate requirements, but also the future requirements and technologies you may
want to support. Your project may start out supporting batch analytics with the vision of adding
realĀ­time support. Or your data pipeline may feed data to one technology today, but tomorrow
an entirely new system needs to be integrated. Apache Kafka can help decouple these
decisions and provide a flexible core to your data architecture. This talk will show how building
Kafka into your pipeline can provide the flexibility to experiment, evolve and grow. It will also
cover a brief overview of Kafka, its architecture, and terminology.