Data-Driven Application Architectures for Containers

Rooms 301 and 302 August 22, 2016 10:45 am - 11:15 am

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Will Benton, Red Hat, Inc.

Will Benton, Red Hat, Inc.

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Consider two recent trends in application development:  First, more and more applications are taking advantage of containers in order to enable better development workflows and improved elasticity, fault-tolerance, and scalability.  In addition, analytic capabilities and scalable data processing have increasingly become a basic requirement for contemporary applications.  Since we don’t want to try and apply yesterday’s application architecture on tomorrow’s application platform, today’s developers need to figure out what a data-driven application should actually look like on a modern container orchestration platform.  We’ll pick a few applications and explore their responsibilities, see how they use data, discuss trade-offs they must negotiate, and point to some example architectures that make sense for developing data-driven applications in and with containers.